Dr. Halász Zsolt - Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology 2010, Münster University, Germany
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H-7100 Szekszárd, Bródy S. u. 23.

Phone: +36 74 510 885
Mobile: +36 20 952 7701


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Jiří Menzel


Science, Mentor Centre

HALÁSZ CLINIC has been a Nobel Biocare Mentor Centre since 2005. It is great professional recognition (as well as being a challenge and a responsibility). Since we are the only Mentor Centre in Southern Hungary, the entire southern region belongs to us.

The tasks of HALÁSZ CLINIC include:

  • Teaching implantology to dentists
  • Cooperating with implantologists over difficult cases
  • Providing implant care to patients whose dentists do not practice implantology
  • Performing teaching and demonstration surgeries
  • Professional consultancy on implantology and related prosthetic dentistry

HALÁSZ CLINIC is an expert in and a leading clinic for dental implants and metal-free CAD-CAM full ceramic dentures. Our lectures and courses are built around these topics.

We travel the world, and we regularly participate in international congresses.

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