Dr. Halász Zsolt - Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology 2010, Münster University, Germany
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Is it price, or quality and durability, that is important to you?

Choosing the implant itself and its price, for example, is a late step in making the treatment plan. To achieve a long-term solution that truly suits your parameters, lots of questions must be answered beforehand:

What are your personal parameters (oral hygiene, condition of teeth, gum and periodontal region [tooth bed]; bone mass; gum thickness; extension and condition of the sinus; joint; chewing muscles; facial harmony; tooth wear; allergies; smoking)? Is bone replacement needed or can it be avoided? If it is avoided, what method is used and what compromises does it involve for the end result? What method of bone replacement should we use for you? Should we use NobelGuide? Each implant has its strengths and weaknesses. The implants that may be eligible can be selected by considering these questions and aspects. Which of the selected implants suits your personal priorities? What is important to you: aesthetics, durability, quality, easy reparability, total carefreeness, ease of implementation, speed or price? How committed are you to the final goal: are you willing to undergo a procedure that takes 1 to 2 years for a perfect end result, or is a solution that can be carried out in 2 weeks suitable for you?

There may be 30 possible solutions to a single situation. But which of these are feasible in your case? Which of these are the most practical? What would you like?

By comparing the prices alone, you can see only a small detail of a complex process. We recommend that you to visit our clinic for a personal assessment, treatment plan and price quote: together with you, by getting to know you, the possible solutions will be narrowed down to 3 options during a discussion and detailed assessment lasting about 1 hour.

We do not want to be the cheapest. It is not “science” to replace your teeth for the lowest possible costs and save as much as you can on your mouth or dentures It will take its revenge in terms of durability, complications, aesthetics or comfort, because nothing can be left out without being punished for it and, if it happens without your consent, your health and your body will be put at increased risk.

HALÁSZ CLINIC wishes to create the most durable and the most attractive teeth for you with the fewest complications! This is our goal. Using workflows designed with engineering accuracy and carried out with precision.

Our new patients have a CT scan (€100) at the time of assessment and consultation; the consultation fee is €40 if a CT image is not made and this will be deducted from the price of the first treatment.

Do you still wish to ask for a price quote for information purposes? Click here.

Request an appointment for personal consultation and a precise price quote online, or, on weekdays, at +36 74 510 885.

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