Dr. Halász Zsolt - Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology 2010, Münster University, Germany
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NobelGuide: implantation more comfortably

NobelGuide is undoubtedly the current leading surgical navigation system in the world: Based on CT data – the detailed 3D image of the jaws –, the implantation and the exact location of the implants are planned with a computer (CAD). The navigation drill-guide template made in Sweden is placed in the mouth. This leads our drills and the implants into the bone with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Its advantages


  • Bone replacement can often be avoided
  • Very quick; it can be performed within half an hour per jaw
  • The surgery is performed without making an incision on the gum
  • There are no sutures and suture removal
  • Few complaints (pain, swelling, bleeding) afterwards
  • Immediate loading of the implants is easier

Using Teeth-in-an-Hour technology, the denture can be made in advance. It can only be used if the anatomical conditions are favourable.

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